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Brazil Bites - Our Story

Brazil Bites was born from the union of two cultures: Sjouke, economist, Dutch and  connoisseur of the gastronomy of his country and of the different countries in which he lived and visited during his life: Denmark, Sweden, Poland, France, Italy, UK, Ireland, Japan, Greece, Spain, Peru, Germany and Portugal; and Claudia, Brazilian, sommelier and student of authorial gastronomy, passionate and curious about the cuisine of all countries.

Sjouke and Claudia decided to embark on an ambitious project, bringing to Holland some Brazilian culinary traditions and fusion between Brazil and the different countries that were part of the history of colonization and pre - colonization of the extensive Brazilian territory.

The Brazilian gastronomic wealth comes even before the Portuguese colonized Brazil, for the indigenous cuisine that can be experienced by mandioca “ cassava” and tapioca, for example. The slaves brought to Brazil by the Portuguese also contributed to their traditions by incorporating different types of dishes and forms of preparation in the cuisine, such as feijoada. Later with the arrival of `Italians and Germans, other dishes and condiments were introduced to the cuisine. It is worth remembering that today Brazil has the largest colony of Japanese people outside of Japan and an extensive colony of diverse peoples such as: Spaniards, Israelis and Sirio Libaneses. All of this promotes a great gastronomic and cultural diversity to Brazil, enriching the gastronomic experiences of all who visit the country.

Mixing the mandioca “cassava” flour, a product extracted from the root used by the Indians, with quality cheeses, eggs and milk, we produce, for example, our delicious cheese breads. A delicacy that Brazil Bites produces with homemade recipes directly to the consumer's table.

Knowing the wonderful Dutch culture and the Dutch habit of consuming snacks in their happy hours and meeting with friends, Sjouke realized the importance of introducing in these foods the option of something healthier, maintaining the flavor and pleasure that these foods bring in those special culture moments.

Concerned with the health and well-being of consumers and the quality of the food that is consumed today, one of Brazil Bites' commitments is to produce only products free of preservatives, dyes and artificial flavorings, in addition to natural ingredients, strictly selected.

Promote the combination of tasty and healthy foods at happy hour, going to bars, partying with friends and snacking for children, is what Brazil Bites wants when developing its line of savory snacks and gourmet snacks.

Enjoy it!


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